Welcome to Goloka Dhama,
the perfect place for physical, mental & spiritual renewal and growth.

Goloka Dhama is a vibrant community and retreat center located in an idyllic national park in west Germany. It offers facilities for yoga, meditation, seminars and workshops. Since 1996, Goloka Dhama’s ecological environment has provided the perfect ambience for personal and professional reorientation and growth. Exciting renovation and construction work is currently underway to offer similar opportunities to even more people in our new ”center for body mind soul”.

The total cost of the project is estimated to 7.100.000, – Euros. Our well-wishers have already donated approximately 1.500.000, – Million Euros.

Together with the local authorities and government officials, we are working to receive subsidies from Germany and European funds and altogether up to 1.300.000, – Euros.

All donations received through this medium are specially meant for the purpose of the construction of the new and renovation of existing buildings and will not be spent on other purposes.

There is still approximately 4.300.000, – Euros needed.

We thank everyone who wants to help with a donation and will keep you up to date on the progress of the project on this page.

Our project:

The Goloka Dhama community is gathered around a beautiful Radha-Krishna temple. It belongs to a monotheistic branch of Hinduism and is based on the ancient Vedic philosophy known as Bhakti Yoga.

This philosophy focuses on holistic mindfulness of body, mind and spirit and espouses deep values of spiritual equality, loving care and service. It teaches universal philosophical truths and actionable customs. And it helps develop higher consciousness and greater compassion in harmony with others and nature.

Goloka Dhama opens its doors to all who wish to visit center for body mind soul, explore, retreat and grow. It aims to be a welcoming place with job opportunities, tourist attractions, a sustainable lifestyle and personal growth.

Overall, it aims to contribute to the overall well-being of the local community and people in general by enriching their lives in a lasting way. 

Become a part of it!

We need your support to further develop this center of relaxation and inspiration,
so that it can become a place of renewal for more and more people.

Goloka Dhama is a recognized charitable institution and we can issue official donation receipts which you can use to save taxes.