Now, after more than 25 years of developing the Goloka Dhama project,
with different smaller construction and conservation work, a great opportunity lies ahead.

What one would not have thought possible a few years ago has come true. In the middle of the National Park, in a very special area, Goloka Dhama has received building permissions which allow constructing up to four additional buildings on the site. The vision to build a wonderful, traditional Vedic temple for Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohan has now come much closer to its fulfillment.

a) A dedicated water pipeline, which has already been commissioned. Completion is in December 2021. The local community participates with 2/3 of the total costs of almost 500,000 euros.

b) Two own water cisterns are already installed with 100 000 liters. These can be used in the future for both firefighting water and service water.

c) New central heating system. The IFAs Institute of the adjacent environmental campus recommends a wood chip system in combination with gas. The wood chips would come from within a 30 km radius. The new plants have zero-emission filters and are subsidized with up to 50%. Total costs approx. 600,000 euros (approx. 300,000 euros from subsidies).

d) New hotel with reception, yoga rooms, sauna and wellness area with access to the stream, store and café-bistro. Cost approx. 3 million euros. (up to 25% state subsidy possible).

e) Renovation of the current temple house with terrace, library, museum, etc. Cost approx. 1 million euros.

f) Renovation of the staff house. Cost approx. 1 million euros (up to 25% government funding possible).

g) New construction of a Vedic temple replica of the original Madan Mohan Temple in Vrindavan, India. Unique in every respect. Cost approx. 2 million euros. (up to 50% government funding possible).

Even if one or the other cannot be realized in the next 5 – 10 years, Goloka Dhama and the center for body mind soul has the potential to become a spiritual community of a special kind with an appeal far beyond the country’s borders.

Development plan Goloka Dhama